It's been a while since I posted anything on this blog. The band have been pretty busy, however. Last May, Debbie (guitar and vocals) and Henry (drums and vocals) joined the band properly, after a 'taster' gig the previous September at Saltaire Festival. Debbie and Henry have added many things to the band - a new energy, lots of experience and ideas, a capacity for four-part harmonies, and an encouragement to keep writing. We started on something of a high, with a wonderful if nerve-wracking sold-out gig at the Otley Courthouse in July. There was almost too much to learn in the short amount of time we had for rehearsal - not just the songs, but how to play and work together - but everything came together in time, and we were blessed with an appreciative, receptive audience. A quiet summer followed, with an appearance at CraggFest in September returning us to activity. We have since been busy writing new material, with 8-9 new songs now seeking a place in our live set. Almost a new album's worth. It's been interesting and exciting to see how the song-writing and sound are evolving with the new line-up - a more expansive, poppier sound in some of the new stuff (hints of Fleetwood Mac and even a 'Supergrass' moment), but some more delicate, harmony-rich moments too (think Wailing Jennys). It seems to be fitting together, somehow.

We are starting 2017 with a series of gigs in the region, starting with a (solo) support for Rayna Gellert and Kai Welch (luminaries of the US folk scene), and a March gig at the Left Bank in Leeds with friends Wilful Missing and Emma Nabarro steel rounding things off (for now). There are some more gigs in the pipeline, and plans to record and release the new material later in the year.

Check out our events page. Find (and like) us on Facebook. We look forward to seeing you.