Another year

A year ago today we held our album launch. Nathan, Rick and myself - with help from Joe Cox on drums and Sandy James - played an intimate concert for friends and family, and celebrated finally getting some our music released.

The album has had a pretty good reception. I think I'm most proud of the fact that 8 of the 11 tracks on the album has had one or more plays on the radio. This perhaps provides support for what one reviewer wrote: that almost every track on the album could be a single. At least, it seems that we achieved a consistent quality across the album, and I do think all the songs have something to recommend them.

Unfortunately, we were not in a position to go out and play live in the months after the launch. There were various reasons for this, mostly beyond our control. It was strange and rather disappointing to be inactive, even while the album was picking up good reviews and radio play. It means we still have plenty of CDs left!

In September we managed to find some new musicians - Debbie and Henry, on guitar/vocals and drums respectively. We played our first gig together at Saltaire Festival, a little 'fresh' but sounding good. Now we are thinking about new material, perhaps some recording, and going out to play some gigs in the new year. I hope so anyway. Meanwhile, I will be playing keys with Wilful Missing, about to launch their second album 'Unsinkable Sailor' in December.