On the radio..

I read somewhere recently that it has never been easier to make an album, but never more difficult to get it heard. That is, whilst technology has enabled more and more people to record and release music, that same process inevitably means there is just ever more music out there competing for attention. Fortunately, I've also been discovering recently that there are some brilliant people out there dedicated to championing new and independent music through their own public radio shows. These shows are often available online as well as through radio broadcast, so I've also really been enjoying hearing some shows I couldn't otherwise tune into, and finding even more new music!

One of our songs was played last week on The International Americana Show, a radio show broadcast in the US, but featuring Americana-influenced music made by international artists - that'll be us then! If you fancy tuning in, the show is available on mixcloud  from Tuesday 2nd December, or via www.tiams.org

Many thanks Michael for the play! We are in some very good company...

Here's the full playlist...


Norrie MacIver (Scotland) – You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive (Danns A Rathaid)
Shannon Lyon (Canada) – The Lights Behind (The Lights Behind)
Atterby (Sweden) – Free (Songs From The Green Tower) 
Frazey Ford (Canada) – September Fields (Indian Ocean) 
Ten Fields (England) – Don't Forget My Love (Winter Sun, Summer Rain)  
Stetson Family (Australia) – Travellin Man (Single) 
Wookalily (Northern Ireland) – Johnny Kicked The Bucket (All The Waiting While) 
Matt Ellis (Australia) – Greyhound 89 / Thank You Los Angeles
Thompson Family (England) – Right (Family) 
The Basement Boogie Men (Scotland) – Shake Baby Shake (Demented Dynamite) 
Laurie Levine (South Africa) – Lost & Found (Come Closer) 
Ballad Of Crows (Germany) – Hard & Heavy Rain
Suzzanah Espie (Australia) – Lonesome Whistle (First and Last Hotel) 
The New Basement Tapes (England) – Kansas City (Lost On The River)